Terms and Conditions

Token Prices: $0.50 each.

  • 50/50 split between vendor and Alberta Food & Beverage Expo.

Token Booths

  • 4 token booths – Entrance
  • 2 token booths – Main Pavilion


All vendors are required to charge a minimum of 2 tokens ($1.00) for each sample as per AGLC special event guidelines. The exhibitor shall DETERMINE and DISPLAY the amount of tokens required for their samples.

All vendors are required to manage their tokens from their patrons.

When vendors arrive they will be asked to check in at Guest Services to collect a  container that will be used to store the tokens received from their patrons.  These containers must be returned at the end of the night to Guest Services.

Tokens will then be counted on the Monday following the show and a cheque will be issued to the business name on the contract from the Alberta Food & Beverage Expo. Please feel free to count your own tokens before handing them in at end of night before leaving.  Our team will count your tokens twice to insure accurate counts

Food & Concession Services

  • There will be NO concessions available for this event but, there will be on-site runners for ice and water for your space.

Space Allocation & Conditions

  • Subletting or sharing space with persons or companies that are not listed as an exhibitor is NOT PERMITTED.
  • Exhibitors must contain all demonstrations, promotions, and materials within the boundaries of their exhibit space.


  • Show Management reserves the right to make any necessary changes, additions or deletions.
  • Show Management reserves the right to terminate or limit any displays or exhibits that are considered to be inappropriate.
  • No signage within the premises of Lethbridge Exhibition Park Grounds shall be covered or removed at any time.
  • No animals allowed.

Special Requests

  • All special requests must be reviewed and approved by Alberta Food & Beverage Expo Management prior to November 15th, 2016
  • Special request examples: use of propane, portable burners, electrical and technical needs, special set up requirements, or any requirement above and beyond your exhibit space.

Lost or Stolen Goods

  • The Alberta Food & Beverage Expo and Lethbridge Exhibition Park Grounds are in no way responsible for any lost or stolen goods under any circumstance.


No refunds will be issued for cancellations past November 15th, 2016


1 (one) 8ft x 2.5ft stock table.

Black table cloths available for rent. Please indicate how many you will need.

Power available. Please indicate what type of power and how many outlets you require.

Vendors must complete the Alberta Health Special Event Package and return by

          December 15th, 2016 to the Alberta Food & Beverage Expo.

Exhibitor’s passes are needed for your staff to be allowed into the building. Please indicate how many passes you will need no later than January 9th, 2017.

Exhibitors will load in from the overhead door at the East Side of the South Pavilion at Exhibition Park on Friday January 13th from 10am – 5pm and on Saturday January 14th from 9am to 12pm.

Saturday load out will be directly at the end of the night from 10pm – Midnight and again Sunday January 15th from 9am to 4pm. There will be no loading out before 10pm on Saturday.

Exhibitor parking is available in front of South Pavilion on January 14th during the Expo


  • The Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all insurance related to participation/requirements of the exhibit in the show. The Alberta Food & Beverage Expo and Western Park – Staff, Management, Officers, or Agents will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to property or persons during the times of the move in, during the event, or move out.

Exhibitors are required to have their own liability insurance and proof of it if asked.

  • Payment can be made in person to Alberta Food & Beverage Expo or you may also
    call 587-224-4771 and have your payment processed over the phone.
  • No vendor space is confirmed until payment is received in full.
  • All company & product info must be submitted no later than December 15th, 2016 to be included in over 5000 Event Catalogs.